The School

The School of Positive Psychology is the pioneer education and training facility in Singapore and Asia established to promote the art, the science and practice of positive psychology. Apart from providing education and credentialing, we promote research, training, and the dissemination of positive psychology. We are here to share the gift of joy and fulfilment using the methods offered in positive psychology.

Positive psychology is an emerging branch of applied psychology that combines the essentials of conventional schools of thought with modern methods. It exclusively deals with positive emotions, positive individual traits and positive institutions. Being highly relevant and applicable to your daily life, positive psychology can help you help yourself and others around you.

Positive psychology training increases the abilities of individuals to pursue engagement and involvement in work, leisure and relationships. Positive emotions and memories generate hope, faith, trust, confidence and optimism which are often documented to buffer against depression. It can instil satisfaction, serenity, contentment and fulfillment to gear and develop gratitude and forgiveness. In addition to that, positive psychology heightens individual awareness and appreciation of the pursuit of meaning in life, increasing their capacity for happiness, fulfilment and evolution.

It is scientifically proven that happier people with positive emotions and traits are more productive as they think faster, more creative, healthier, more successful, caring and more socially engaged.


To POSITIFY people and organisations through the growth of positive psychology in Asia, leading to optimal levels in human functioning and well being. 

Vision: "A Connected, Positive Population"

To provide an accessible platform for high quality positive psychotherapy courses, training programmes and seminar workshops for all esteemed individuals and aspiring psychology professionals.

"Everyone wants to be happy, but so many people don't know how. In this age of skepticism and apathy, there is so much negativity around us all the time. Positive psychology empowered me and gave me a different perspective - there is only one ingredient required for lasting happiness: Me." Positive Psychology Student